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The BSU was a demonstration of the film "Bloody January"


The BSU was a demonstration of the film "Bloody January". The Baku State University was a demonstration of the film director and screenwriter Wahid Mustafayev "Bloody January", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of January 20 tragedy. University Rector Abel Maharramov, in his speech before and after the demonstration spoke about the importance of film to raise the patriotic spirit of the younger generation. Rector noted that the storyline of the film is based on real events, presents a dramatic scene, reflecting the invasion of Baku aggressor army that committed the massacre in the city.

The bulk of the story is built on the relationship between two brothers - Mehdi and Najaf. Mehdi - a revolutionary, a fighter for the freedom of the country, Najaf - the highest rank of the KGB, the Communist, who heads the bloody suppression of the popular uprising, although the shower was against it. Each of them has his own truth, but one mother, a pious woman who remains "between two fires."

After watching the rector Abel Maharramov expressed Vahid Mustafayev and all involved in the creation of this painting gratitude on behalf of the team of BSU and presented film director diploma "For the promotion of patriotic ideas.

In response, Vahid Mustafayev said that the creative team of the film wanted to show that those bloody events failed to plunge our people into spiritual decay. Vahid Mustafayev noted that the creation of the film is not for commercial purposes, but despite this it, the actors worked with great enthusiasm.

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