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student life

At the faculty of geology there has been a scientific-student's society many long years. Every year the scientific conferences devoted to day of Republic have been held. Students of faculty take active part in holding conferences with vital topics. In 2007 the conference devoted to 100-year-old anniversary of the known scientific hydrogeologist to Aziz G. Askerov, the founder of chair of the general geology and hydrogeology held. Subjects helding conferences «Geology and hydrothermal stocks of Azerbaijan». In conference work have taken active part a faculty professor-lecturer staff, student's structure of faculty, masters, post-graduate students, authors of dissertation, NANА, Institute of Geology, and also employees of the centre of seismological group NANA. At conference as usually, caused a stir for good performance have been awarded by faculty certificates of honour. Besides bachelors and masters take active part in carrying out the scientifically-student's conferences held by Ministries of Education Az. Republic. Politics to be held of our national leader, the founder of independent Azerbaijan of G.A.Alieva, have even more interested in the concluded oil contracts students of faculty in this direction. In this connection at the initiative of students of the faculty of geology of BSU together with faculty of geologo-prospecting works АGNА the society of geologists of oil industry workers of Azerbaijan has been created. Students of these higher schools take active part in work of this society. The society of geologists of oil industry workers of Azerbaijan annually holds seminars and simpoziums. Known experts of the given area are invited to these symposiums and seminars. In academic years of 2006-2007 a number of students have been awarded by costly presents and money for the best performances. Also seminars and excursions have been held. These years for students seminars from outside the European Association of Scientific geologists were organised. Excursions in the Center of Power of Caspian sea, in a museum of Mineralogy and in laboratories Azlab for the purpose of acquaintance of students were led. Some members of Sector of the Student of Baku participated in field excursions spent from outside companies VR. In BSU in the area of the Society of the Azerbaijan Oil Geologists held days of the geologist. By this day students of faculty acted at conferences and have been awarded the monetary award at conferences spent from outside ВР company. Students of our faculty along with scientific activity actively participate in organising affairs BSU. They are members of NSPO BSU and SMO BSU and actively participate in carrying out of actions.

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