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The faculty of geology is one of the youngest faculties of BSU. It was created in 1991 year as a result of division of geologo-geographical faculty into two independent structures-geological and geographical faculties. However preparing geological staffs at university have begun since 1943. Appears the set of students on a speciality geography in 1944 therefore the geologo-geographical faculty was formed. The first dean of faculty has been selected prof. A.G.Askerov. Further faculty supervised over A.A.Shahbazov, ass. prof. G.B.Aliev (till 1952) prof. S.M.Suleymanov (1952-1963), prof. R.G.Sultanov (1963-1965), ass. prof. M.M.Gasanov (1965-1967), the prof. R.H.Piriyev (1967-1972), member-correspondent АNА, prof. V.M.Babazade (1973-1981), member-correspondent АNА prof. G.M.Sultanov (1981-1986), prof. T.S.Shahsuvarov (1986-1992). Since 1992 over faculty supervises ass. prof. A.I.Khasayev. The faculty consists of 35 professors and lecturers. From them 10 doctor of sciences, professors, 14 candidate of sciences-senior lecturers, 2 candidates of sciences – the senior lecturer, 2 candidates of sciences – lecturers, 4 senior lecturers, 3 lecturers. At the faculty there are 6 chairs, 5 scientific-research laboratories, a museum of minerals of Azerbaijan, a museum of a name of academician M.M.Aliev and the scientific-educational centre at Institute of Geology АNА operate.

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